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Justin, art therapy master's student

Justin is currently halfway through his Art Therapy Master's program at Saint Mary of the Woods College. Justin completed his practicum under Access Art Therapy in Spring of 2021, and is returning now for his Internship for Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2023. Justin is warm, witty, and smart as a whip - he is a great listener, very observant, knows A LOT about the enneagram, and is not afraid to tell it how it is. I have full confidence in his abilities as a therapist. 


He writes:

For centuries art has been used to explore, explain, and express both our emotions and the world around us. In art therapy sessions we utilize artistic mediums such as: watercolors, pencils, markers, paint, and clay as well as more traditional talk therapy elements to tackle complex feelings and emotions, to dive into self identity, decrease stress, and everything that sits in between.


I enjoy working with LGBTQ+ populations, religious trauma, Internal family systems, identity formation, and depressive and anxiety disorders.

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