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Greetings! I'm Hannah. I have been working as an art therapist in Chattanooga since 2018! 


I have been operating my private practice since Fall of 2021 and have loved every minute of it. At this point in my career, I am convinced that most mental health struggles are linked to some kind of trauma/ emotional pain. I have been learning and specializing in how to safely uncover those wounds to let them heal properly.

I do this mainly through artwork, "parts work" and movement techniques.


I am trauma-informed, and have found that art therapy is a very healing agent for people living with PTSD/trauma. I have been learning and practicing "Internal Family Systems" (IFS aka parts work) techniques alongside Polyvagal theory, and expressive art therapy to help clients safely process their trauma. I want to help people learn about trauma & how its effecting them currently, uncover and heal past wounds, regulate the nervous system to balance out trauma reactions, and access your innate resilience. 

My approach can be tailored to your specific needs, but I will always help you feel heard and supported. I enjoy using stretching, breathwork, and mindfulness during session. We will find ways to use art in session that will best suit your needs, and some days we won't use art at all if we don't need to!  

My current specialties are ages 18+ : people living with anxiety, depression, trauma / PTSD / dissociation, addiction, borderline personality, and bipolar. 

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Hannah Ligon, board certified art therapist (atr-bc), owner

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